Friday, November 13, 2009

listen to Mama Jean...

and get your adorable selves over to Miss Doxie.
She is a young Atlanta lawyer lady with a talent
for writing laugh-out-loud reports of her life.

Wait. Go pee first. Unless you don't mind sitting
in wet pants or you're already sitting on a bedpan.
And, don't forget to wash your hands! You don't
want to touch your keyboard with those hands if
you didn't wash. Plus, you will be laughing and
putting your hands on your face and... ew.

So, go pee. Wash your hands. Grab a beverage after
all that because it is a long story. Well worth your time.

Then, come back here and go read 'Great Men You Don't Know'.
That one is written by a lady who calls herself The Anchoress.
Joanie at Primordial Slack linked to the story. (Thanks, Joan.)

This story made me cry. In a good way.
This country is blessed with thousands and thousands of
generous, giving, talented, quiet citizens who do wonderful
things for people every day and do not expect nor want
payment or attention.

Good Americans. Good people. Volunteers.
We still have many good reasons to be very proud
of the people who make up the majority of this country.
The American Spirit lives in them.
As it should in all of us and, I know it does in all of you.

Let both of these stories linked here lift your heart.

But, first, go pee. And wash your hands!


Dan Felstead said...

Jean...I visited Miss Dixie and forgot to pee first! Oh well, don't need to now! She is hilarious and and I can't believe the number of comments she gets. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

Also I have missed a lot on your blog. Enjoyed the visit and will be back more often.


Jean said...

Dan, you've been missed but, you are another one of those busy busy guys.
I hope you can come back more often.

I'm glad you enjoyed Miss Doxie. Yes, the size of her audience is phenomenal!

ANNA-LYS said...

Shit I didn't wash my hands!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean said...

Oops ;-)

Susie Hemingway said...

Funny post this Jean - especially for the over sixties! I did exactly as you said and had a very good chuckle - not always so easy these days - but still, I am more than happy this week, with the publication of my gorgous book
"A Power Within" I have to show off just a tad I feel.
Available via my .com blog prices include P&P and proceeds go to Multiple Myeloma.
I hope you dont mind me advertising on your site?

Jean said...

Susie, I don't mind a bit. I wish you nothing but the best in all things.