Sunday, November 08, 2009

Code blue (wake me when it's over)...

for a long time
I stopped.
flat disappeared.
and when you
are not
there is nowhere
to go.
so you stay
where you're not
and never wake up.
'til a day comes
that jars you
and the wounds
start to bleed.
then you get up
and walk
through the door
into daylight
and you see that
the road to salvation
is waiting
right where it's ever been the whole time
that you thought
you were not.

blue skies
smilin' at me
nothin' but
blue skies
do I see.

if I were
any happier
I'd have to
wear a bib.


Jean said...

After going without sleep for about 36 hours, I hit the pillows around 10 last night. This poem decided to pick then to show up. Would not quit until I got it all written down.
So, now I share with all of you...

bearly domesticated boneman said...

are you drooling?

Cool poem, gal! Dang!
I know a great writer!

Jean said...

ha... heading for my bib supply now.


kdzu said...


Missed a little there on the left side of your chin. Up a little. Got it.

Jean said...

HA!! thank you, Larry.
Sometimes I need help.

Anonymous said...

My Jean Jeanie sounds happy!!!!.......that makes me.....happy too!.....oh crap..another song


Jean said...

Ha!...sing it girl!!
(and thank you, my dear friend)