Friday, August 21, 2009

Think again...

rasslin' with
the black dog.
and wonder why?
no one tells all
to anyone.
not you, not I.


Doom said...



Dontcha hate setting mousetraps you cannot avoid yourself?


*childish laughter*

Not being mean, just, you know, saying. I certainly felt the snap. If it also sets my funny bone to wiggling as well.

Jean said...

Doom, a giggle is good d;-)

Mongo said...


Jean said...

Mongo ;-)

the walking man said...

If there is no question then there is no answer says I.

Jean said...

I remember you saying that, Mark.
But, does that mean only questions asked out loud?

AspergantuS said...

Well done Jean!! Well said and well done.

Jean said...

Thanks, Mick!

the walking man said...

Depends on who your asking the question of Jean. A physical response requires a physical question...a spiritual response requires a question delivered in the vernacular of that world.

boneman said...

well, I don't know from Churchill, but, I'de like to shed my ol' black dog and try some sunlight for a change

chickory said...

dude! call me back! i cant write it all. grrherhahaha

Jean said...

Mark, indeed. I agree.

Berry, I know you're working on it.
I hope it happens soon.

Chickory, grrrrrrrll...will do.