Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clear as mud...

you would think
I don't
but I do.
just like you.
there are times when,
you know.
yes, I know you know.
it's like that everywhere
of course.
some things never change,
not really, except
on those rare occasions
but that's no one's fault
it just is.
so simple, really, if
you just think about it.
life is strange and we're
very lucky.
not like the others
who just don't get it
at all.


Mongo said...

I can only wish.... that life was simple... but perhaps I make my own life not simple?

What a complicated thought.

Doom said...


Yes? Yes.

*grins* too

the walking man said...

Clarity through the oblique. Love it.

Teresa said...


Jean said...

Mongo - many add to their own confusion and complications. You are not alone.

Doom - *grin*

Mark - 'oblique'...I love that word!

Teresa - heh, thanks, girl!

kdzu said...

We are indeed, and in fact, very lucky to have you to read.
You just can't resist making me think, can you?
Ah well, they say if you do it enough it stalls the advent of the ol'timers disease.

Jean said...

Larry - ha! Perhaps I have found my purpose...?

Desert Cat said...

Yes. I do. Often.

Except when I don't need to.

For other reasons that make it unnecessary.

If you know what I mean.

And I think you do.

Anonymous said...

Simplicity? I yearn for it.

Jean said...

D.C. - absolutely.

Mr. Goomba - you will find it here.
Welcome to Pondering.......