Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Limericks are not my forte...

but, I'll give it a try for Dr. Zeus
and his contest at his blog 'William the Coroner'.

He gave a choice of two topics... Primate or Prime Mate.

my entry:

There once was a great ape named Harry,
who was searching for his soul mate to marry.
He traveled the world,
visiting zoo after zoo,
but tearfully cried "They're too hairy!"

William awards a care package sent to one of our
soldiers serving in harm's way.

We have until Friday to make this interesting. Go.


Joan of Argghh! said...

o.k. went.


BTW, all 100,000 bikes roaring back Nawth. Right by my place. Heh.

Irrelephant said...

Excellent! Gotta love limericks, they're the horrid but loveable second cousin to poetry!

Bill and Bob's Excellent Adventure said...

There once was a woman named Jean,
Whose haikus showed a mind sharp and lean.
Her limerick 'bout an ape
Left me scratchin' my grape,
I'll admit, I'm amazed
'Cause it's clean!

Mark said...

I know a couple of dirty ones I learned in boot camp 25 years ago.

Freddie said...

Love this one Jean! When is voting, on Friday?

Jean said...

Joan, I saw yours. It rawked!

Irrel, you nailed it :-)

B and B, you crack me up!
(and, do be careful with the grape:-)

Mark, let's hear some!

Freddie, the deadline is Friday 5 pm but I think William picks the winner himself.

Deadman said...

I thought you were stuck on haiku...
Now there's something else we should do...
I haven't been blogging much
I'm completely out of touch
And this limerick sucks, too...

Jean said...

You've been missed, Deadman!

boneman said...

Limericks! I love'em. Use them all the time.
Even when I ain't even paid a dime.
And they're easy to sing...
they are a singin' thing....
And make things fun to remember in rhyme.

Jean said...

Berry, you oughtta send one in to the Coroner for his contest week after next :-)

k said...

That was fun. My dad was a big limerick fan, when we were still kids. He'd get these books...Lear? Like that.