Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Haiku of You...

Sparrow is back from Switzerland and is
reorganizing her weekly haiku contest.
'Cept now, it's every other week, alternating
with William the Coroner and his limerick contest.

Her topic for this week is YOU.
That's right. Make a haiku about yourself.

Wonder if mine should be with or without meds?

My entries:

You (me)...

I am creating
my own niche in life since I
don't fit what I see.

The things that make me,
me, are possibly the same
things that you can't stand.

I am one of you,
of us, of them, striving for
my identity.

UPDATE: Please go visit Sparrow's again and
vote for your favorite haiku before 10 pm tonight.


curmudgeon said...

How about one of each?

Jean said...

ha... I did three :-)

kdzu said...

Man.........ain't those the truth.

Jean said...

Why, thank you, dear. I wrote those last night when I couldn't sleep.

k said...

I saw Sparrow sent out a package in your name already. If I understood correctly, she really liked one of your haikus and sent the package out before the voting?

Well, who cares how befuddled I am about the particulars. The important point is:


What a wonderful feeling that must be.

boneman said...

dang! A winner before her time.

That's special.
And, got two down, going in on #3 (which, in my opinion is better than the other two)
and grabbed one off your blog to do, too.

Hey....most of the ones you sent are so
(picture of a lil kid, crying)
and you know I'm more an UP kind'a guy.

I posted the first set on a blog made just for you.

OK, not really.
But, it is a closed set, and I'll send you the address so you can watch them happen over today.

The watercolor?
It'll have to be last as you need these yesterday.

Don't let me forget to send you the blog address....
There's my water boiling....

Jean said...

K, I picked a USCG soldier in Kuwait to receive the package.
Sparrow is such a wonderful person!

Berry, I'm going to send you a reminder right now.

k said...

I love the idea she put together, and choosing your recipient must be a great feeling.