Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Light haiku...

Obviously, experiencing brain-fartitis tonight.

If you are reading this after 10 pm Wednesday, then
you are too late to enter Sparrow's Haiku Contest
for this week, at least.

The chosen topic is ...LIGHT...

My entries:

awake from dreams, my
fear is soothed as full moon beams
pierce midnight shadow.


Blonde is light. Light is
good. Therefore, blonde is good, right?
Nothing more needs said.

Apologies to all for my tardiness. However,
tomorrow you should all remember to go
back to All Atwitter so you can vote for your
favorite haiku. ok? Please?


I. Vadinoff said...

I high-kooed.

Jean said...

I saw it. Very good!

Freddie said...

"Blonde... Nothing more needs to be said."

Hear hear! Yep. 'zactly. :)

Jean said...

...but, in a good way, eh Freddie?


Valerie - Still Riding said...

I'm still reading you
as you post your written thoughts
but reading your heart.

Freddie said...

Most definitely!