Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sparrow's Haiku Wednesdays...

(yes, I know it's Thursday. I'm not known for
punctuality, unless it involves sex.)

Sparrow is starting a new... how shall we say... activity
on her blog. Haiku Wednesdays.
She picks a topic for the week and asks readers to
contribute an original, three-line poem.
Go to the link above and read the specifics, then add
your poem in her comments.
This week her topic is Autumn.

my contribution...


Green leaves turning flame.
Ice cream days now cider nights.
Summer slips to Fall.


sparrow said...

And a lovely contribution to my exercise in obscure literary forms it is!

Jean the sublime is
The queen of poetry and
pith, so says Sparrow!

Jan said...

My lucky night! I just found another great blog, and so glad I did! You're poetry is beautiful...something I always wished I could do, but all I can do is rhyme words! :)

Freddie said...

You make it look so easy.

curmudgeon said...

Why is it that I
Always find something strange here?
Be damned if I know.

Jean said...

Sparrow - I do believe you have me beat when it comes to the Haiku!

Jan - thank you and welcome!

Freddie - heh... haven't come up with another one yet :)

Dave - Bwah!!

Olivia Kroth said...

"Blue autumn asters
potted in terracotta
dream of foggy nights."

Hello, Jean, I found your blog through Desert Cat.

This is my contribution to your Haiku collection.

AspergantuS said...

Haiku, what is that?
How can you limit it so?
I'll try, but later...


AspergantuS said...

In honor of Haiku Wednasdays, and the fact that I was so terribly behind in visiting your blog (ahem) I decided to catch up writing Haikus in the last 6y posts. I've never written one before... you are my first....

Jean said...

your first?... I am honored. Just finished reading the others... lovely!
You are a sweetheart of the Nth degree. I know you are super-busy, so I super-appreciate the time you spend here.

Jean said...

Olivia - oops, didn't mean to miss you! Thank you, it's beautiful.
I have to give credit for the idea to Sparrow, though, so make sure you click on her link and visit her blog too :)
Hope to see you here again.

skywriter said...

Thanks, I just found Sparrow through you the other day, and am enjoying.

Jean said...

Scully... cool! She is a very special lady.