Sunday, June 03, 2007

the visit was a surprise...

and it would be short.

Any leave from the war was hard to get approved.
Even for him.

She trusted him completely, so when he smiled and
ordered, "Close your eyes", she did not hesitate to
smile back and obey.

He held her hand and kissed it while he drove.
His touch was warm. She let his voice surround her,
memorizing every note and inflection to be remembered
in his letters. No thought of where they were, only of him,
there with her.

He stopped the car and turned it off.

Only quiet sounds of a breeze rustling leaves, a distant
bird or two and... was that running water?

He helped her out of the car, her eyes still closed, took both
her hands in his. Both laughing now, he walked backwards
as he led her carefully along a cushioned path.

Speckled sunlight tried to tease her eyes open, but she
successfully resisted. She concentrated hard instead on the
sounds and smells that might proffer clues to their destination.

His boot-steps were firm and evenly paced.
Confident and pleased.
When he stopped, he led her two steps forward closer to him.
He released her hands and drew her face to his.

Wrapping her arms around his back, feeling the contours
of his shoulders, she returned his breathless kiss.

Sighing, he said, "Now you can look."
She saw his face first, his eyes crinkled in a smile.
With a light laugh he said, "Not me, silly. Look there!"

Her eyes followed his nod. Deja-vu made her gasp,
"Oh my! How did you find it?"

"As soon as you told me about your dream," he said,
"I knew exactly where it was. I came here once, alone,
before I ever knew you."

His arm around her shoulders, they leaned against the metal
railing. The view was magnificent; a large, sparkling creek
below burbling over rocks. Lush, heavy boughs close above
keeping the two of them in cooling shade.

His duffle was keeping the wine cool beside the spot where
they would make love.


Scott from Oregon said...

Mum met Pops when he was home on leave from the R Force. At a public swimming hole in Jackson, Mississippi. It had this level of romance to it.

Fact or fiction?

Jean said...

Fiction, darn it.

Anonymous said...

... nicely done, Jean...

kdzu said...

Well, at least our imaginations still work. Damn It.

Anonymous said...

Fiction, huh? Could have fooled me.

Blaez said...

ah! so beautiful!

Jean said...

It always surprises me how many more men than women comment on 'these kinds' of posts.
Interesting, eh?
Thank you, all!

AspergantuS said...

Geez Jean, I had to go smoke a cig after reading this....Well done!!

k said...

That was very sweet and romantic.

k said...

BTW: Walter - this extremely intelligent, extremely well-educated man - reads romance novels.

Lots and lots and lots of them.

Valerie - Still Riding said...

Hey, they seem to have the time, we, of course, are busy...LOL!

That one was only told me that day but it was a true dream and I know both of them. Too spooky!

I had a doozy last night!

Erica said...

Wow, that just about gave me the vapors. In a sweet kind of way. But do guys like that really exist?

Jean said...

k - lucky woman, you!

Val - good dreams are a joy.

Erica - heh... not common but, a few here and there.

Jean said...

Mick - no ciggies!

k said...

Oh, it's true, too. Then, you see...not just anyone would have the perception to say that.


Ambulance Driver said...

Fiction, perhaps...but very good imagery. You could fill a book with this and people would buy it.

Jean said...

k - I see it as a strong sign of his self-confidence... and interest in what women fantasize about.

AD - now, THAT would be a dream come true... thank you!

k said...

OOOOOhhhhhh, yes. On both counts.

Sparrow said...

I have to say that as I read it I kept thinking that he was going to kill her! I've been reading too many Bane stories...

I like your ending better!

Jean said...

k - again... lucky woman...heh!

Sparrow - oh, my... you notice he hasn't commented. Probably too tame for him...:)

alan said...

gosh! i think i had this dream too once, only you describe it much better than i could...

Jean said...

thank you, alan.. actually, only the part with them leaning on the railing was the dream. The rest I added.