Thursday, June 14, 2007


"You're amazing."

"I'm old."

"If you're old, I wanna be old."

"It's dark and you're drunk.
Tell me the same thing tomorrow- in daylight,
while your head still hurts."


Blaez said...

i 2nd that

the morning after really does't hold true to the lies of the drink

Hann said...


Valerie - Still Riding said...

I already know better,

If it ain't love

it ain't.

Doom said...

What an amazing drug, actually. It makes life so much simpler, so full of joy, so captivating... until it doesn't. And yet in the proper dose (of poison, which is what it is), it really is pretty good.

Were you babysitting, remembering, or thinking when you posted? *sigh* I could probably recall a time or two, one way or the other, myself. I would like to say I've learned... so I will. Though I still imbibe, I'm my own keeper and a good one.

I hope you can laugh, if memory, or even recent fact, if not now then in time. What else is there for folly?

curmudgeon said...

Yuh know, I gotta give wimmen credit.
How the hell they can sit there and take some o' them bullshit lines without just busting out laughing takes some skill. I mean some real skill.

Jean said...

Dave - ha... I'm sure some of us sling some ourselves, at times... I just can't think of any examples right now...:) And... being equally drunk helps avoid the giggles.

Doom - "proper dose" is right, it has its limits. But can be fun.
Actually, this conversation was all in my head... never happened.
Perhaps it is an amalgam of all the others?

Val - simple and true.

Hann - ha... you get it, dontcha?

Blaez - yep.... hey, remember that on your Birthday tomorrow night!! hehe.

Kim said...

Snort. Meeeemmmmorrieees.

I'm back blogging btw. What the hey.

Jean said...

Kim - ha!
...and, hey, that's great news!!

MaryB said...

Now where have I heart that before? It's why you never let 'em sleep over. ;-)

Jean said...

MaryB - ain't that the truth?!
Welcome... just came back from your place. Love it! Will visit often.

Scott from Oregon said...

Nothing worse than waking up to a lie you told yourself the night before...

Jean said...

Scott - amen.