Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Always questions...

tears are here again.
questions never end.
how do I know?
how will I know?
questions never end.


Jean said...

just so ya know... written last week, when I was in a really shitty mood. Much better now.

k said...

Ah! Nips it in the bud, that does.

Good thinking.

And, good to hear you're better.

kdzu said...

We'll likely always have both questions and tears, they help us know that we're still alive.
The knowing is harder. I had one occasion where I "knew" and it was in one of my hours of deepest need. The trick is to continue breathing in and out. Very important. Right up there with being able to sit up and take nourishment.
Glad you're better now.

Doom said...

It seems like a one blogger accident scene after another, lately. Though, it is good to hear yours is past.

But the tears really do add a touch of grace to the rest do they not? Plus, they mean you are alive. Though that is of so little comfort when all one needs is a hug and surety.

Do you remember as a child thinking that when you grew up and knew it all, things would be better? Or was that just me? *laughs* Oops, at least my mistake for sure.

Anonymous said...

So, now you know. Right?

Jean said...

k - heh... I know, now, how much some of you sweet people worry.

Larry - Breathing is good.
(hmmm... questions=breathing in. tears=breathing out [releasing]... perhaps?)

Doom - hugs would make a world of difference, most of the time.
...and, yes... I do remember thinking that being grown up would bring about all the answers.
Maybe we need to think that way as a child so we are not in constant fear of growing up?

Jack - well, let me put it this way... I know more now than I did then. The hard part is not always liking what we learn.

Thanks to all for your concern and good wishes, as usual.

AspergantuS said...

Well... I'm glad that you're ok too. I am sorry I've been out of touch lately... I have plenty of excuses... but none of them are good ones... so I'll say that I've been slacking and leave it at that. Yes... sometimes lessons learned are hard ones, but Jean... it's what makes us who we are. As long as you keep writing... and sharing your emotional roller coaster with the world... you will always be in someone's heart and on someone's mind. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit.

ok... I'm rambling aren't I?

Geesh... you'd think I'd know when shut my big yapper... but sometimes crap just flows out of my mouth like Montezuma's Revenge!!

Good grief what a nasty thought... and the visual is even worse... think I need to go brush my teeth or something...

Jean said...

Mick - I know you are 'here'... thank you.
ummm... might want to go with some industrial strength Listerine after that nasty visual... ackkk.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jean: He has a new motorcycle and has left the rest of us in the dust. And yes, crap does flow out of the gaping hole in his face.

And the truth is often not pleasant. But it is the truth. We must learn to deal with it and adapt.

Jean said...

Jack - yeah, I figgered he was leaving burn marks somewhere... heh. Good for him. Makes him happy.

You're right about the truth, I know. I'm known for being stubborn, which means I make things worse than they need to be sometimes.

Doom said...

snog dot,

Do I know? Of course I know. In ten years, I will be finally all growed up won't I? Then, I will know. Urhm, or something like that.


I think we need to think that was as adults sometimes too. Rather than being a dilusion though, it is another form of patience perhaps.

...a little more time, and it will fit...

k said...

hee hee hee! you guys!

burn marks! hee!

Jean - In case you missed it over at kdzu's walmartians post comments -

milf = "Mothers I'd Like to Fuck."

Def.: A nice reference to the desirability of certain women even after they've reached a post-motherhood, post-*Gorgeousness of Youth* period of life.

Jean said...

k - thanks!... I went back to comment...hehe.

Doom - patience... I have little for myself, usually. Often, too much for others.