Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Could be worse...

Akron -4, with windchill -25.
BUT...the sun is shining!

By the weekend, we are told by the weather wizards,
the world will be melting because the temps will be
close to 50. Holy Shit. and Yay.

In the meantime, I just keep reading.

I recently started a book on the history of pirates:

A christmas present from my sister, Ann. 

Stay warm, my friends.


Joe said...

Is the book good?

I just started a Jack Reacher novel I picked up as the deal of the day for my kindle

Jean said...

The book is very well done.

Jack Reacher is one of sister Ann's favorites.

Doom said...

Off topic, but...

If you thought filled lungs were troubling, and I thought deep sea excursions were unnerving, want to know what tops those? Thirty years of disability to a drained body, the last five years a proper diagnosis and treatment. At nearing 53, in yet fearful shape, they think they may have fixed the heart. Imagine losing disability at this point? The meds are still required, and at least as bad as the condition, but it may not matter? Ugh.

I won't discuss this on my blog, too many government types read there. I don't want to give them (more) ideas.