Tuesday, January 22, 2019


I have no idea what any official measure is but,
we had almost two feet of snow on our cars and
close to eighteen inches in the yard.
We haven't seen the pavement on our street since
Saturday morning.

Today is clear and sunny but still not warm enough
 to melt even one damn flake. I guess that will happen
soon, though, because we're supposed to get heavy
rain later today that will continue through tomorrow. 

Then the cold and snow come back this weekend. 

Not everyone hated it.


Doom said...

Now that I have a plow on my lawn tractor I love, usually, the snow. The bit of sidewalk is fun, after the ease of the rest, to shovel. I don't know if you have the wherewithal to buy, store, or use such a vehicle... or actually need such... but beside making life easy, they are a kick, a hoot, to play with. Getting the mower off and blade on each spring and fall is a trick though. Just a thought. Hmm... my mother has a riding mower, I ought to check what kind.

Anyway, I hope you stay warm and well. I missed a bunch of posts. I've been so tired. Be well, and your sister too. Amen.

Jean said...

There's no place to store such. Plus, the driveway has a pretty steep slope to it which makes everything tricky. Normally we don't get so much snow at one time so we can keep up with it with shovels, brooms and salt.
I won't even attempt to mow the yard because of the nearly 90 degree slope to the front yard. I pay a nice man to take care of that.
Akron is full of hills.

Otherwise, we're all pretty well.

Hope you're energy level picks back up soon.

Doom said...

My mother, it turns out, found a nice man to clear her drive. But she mows, no slope. I understand, glad you all figured it out. Hmm, might have to find a man, or good lad, for when it overwhelms? There comes a point where certain levels of exercise are excessive.

My dad and some uncles were from there, but they never discussed the area. They grew up pre WW II, from the wrong side of the tracks, which is probably why. Two of the three did very well, and the third was respectable if not rich. I think their childhood haunted them. I didn't realize where you had moved exactly.

Glad to hear you are doing well.

Jean said...

Akron has been big-time blue collar since forever. Known for hard working people, many immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary.
Mom came here at 5 years old from Austria-Hungary in 1929. Dad grew up on a farm with 12 siblings but his roots were German/English.
Akron was known as the Rubber Capital of the world (Goodyear, Goodrich, General, Mohawk, etc.) until the 80's saw most move to Mexico and elsewhere. Made for tough times that has still not seen, and probably will never see, recovery.