Thursday, September 07, 2017


Unless Hurricane Irma takes a sharp right turn
very soon, all of Florida will be hit hard this weekend.
I'm worried for my friends.

In 2004, I huddled in my home for 24 hours after
Hurricane Charlie crossed the state and hovered over
Daytona. The winds had dropped to 100 mph by then
but I'd never been so scared.

May all the folks stay safe. 

Now there are three ...Kattia, Irma, Jose.


Doom said...

I am thinking they have learned how to affect the weather. Great, right until it fails and mother nature comes unhinged and goes nuclear. Or, with the Mexican earthquake, Harvey, those... add in a bloody ocean and a dozen or three more bigguns? Then I'd be willing to court the notion of end times.

Gotta be glad you aren't there. I hope your friends have left. In place won't work if she hits.

Jean said...

And don't forget those horrible fires out West.
I think it's Mother Nature all on her own, except what humans can take the blame for in making it worse.

Definitely glad I'm not in Florida any more.
Most have evacuated or prepared as well as possible where they are.

Doom, so sorry to read about your uncle's passing.

Doom said...

I knew it was coming, so at least got to see him several times. Saw it in a dream. The dream was the deciding factor on that return visit. But thank you.

I like where I am better than were I was, too. Imiss the more bitter cold, just not the iced slush and a few other problems that came with my beloved cold. Besides fewer environmental threats (no place is perfectly safe), my winters are milder. I'll keep your peeps in my prayers.