Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday 55...


I'm not much for
conscious prayer
but I do some
silent thinking
that could be
construed as such
I guess.
Some days sling
that make me duck
for cover
as I stumble
grasping, angry
and frightened
Searching for
the right thing
to do again.
Always the awkward
Knocked to my knees.
Sometimes screaming.

( a weekend 55 word challenge found here)
Thank you, Walking Man.


hedgewitch said...

This expresses so well that feeling of powerlessness and pain that comes as we are knocked about by events and emotions and responses. Our current environment seems to produce even more of that than usual--I don't think there is anything more devastating than an inchoate anger that eats us up yet can't change anything. Thanks so much for participating and showing what 55 words can do.

Jan said...

I love seeing your writing talent, once again, come alive! Awesome, Jean!

Jean said...

It's been another week of challenges. The resultant stress needed to spew somewhere and a poem seemed a good/safe choice.

Thank you, both.

Jan said...

If I didn't have my chats with steam valve might explode! Thanks always for your ear and kind words, my friend! Your poem is singing my song......

the walking man said...

Never been much of a screamer myself Jean, but I have been knocked around a lot. The best part about being me is I can stand in the middle of emotional whirlwinds and see the temporary nature of them and laugh.

Love this 55 by the way. I evokes emotion, portrays feeling and heart.