Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Plan B...

or are we up to C or D?

First dose of her new chemo cocktail was last Thursday.
So far, no more side effects than the last.
We'll have to wait, I guess, to see if this one stops the spread
of the cancer. And for how long.

She's still gathering energy. Being mostly inactive for the past
four months, it isn't surprising that she is nowhere near her
old level of energy. I'm glad she's finally 99% out of pain. 
She's still on oxygen, though. That bothers me a bit.

I apologize for not writing much lately.
Could be because I'm tired and I bore myself.
Always thought it very rude to bore my friends.

I need to work harder at finding the spark that used to
inspire ideas and even bring a chuckle now and then.
Would be nice to laugh more. 
Gonna stop before the whining causes nausea.


Doom said...

Hmm? Oh. I wouldn't worry about being bored, or boring others. As a fact, when I write, I often write right through boredom. As ill as I am, at times, it is difficult to find any kind of spark or interest. And, really? I don't write for readers. I write to clarify. Sometimes I am even able to make things go forward by posting (and posting and posting and...). Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes just typing it out once, to get me to do something I want or need done.

Anyway... As for whining? My friends and family complain about ear bleed. Some of them just might be that long lived, or longer, too. *grins* Wouldn't worry all that much. Besides, when it's their turn, you'll hear it just the same.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's it. I need to write more for myself and not just for an audience.

Shanon Michaud said...

You have every reason to be exhausted and bored. Plus, winter can drive anyone bonkers. Just know that we are all thinking of you and your family. Miss you!

Jean said...

Thank you, sweet girl! Miss you, too.

the walking man said...

Just be whatever you feel in the moment. Boredom actually can motivate some pretty insane sparks.

Jean said...

Allowing myself to be myself can be a struggle, Mark. Especially when I'm trying to keep my composure in these stressful times. I expect someday there will be an implosion.

kdzu said...

Just relax darlin' Strain only causes pain. Sit on the back porch and listen for the train.