Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress of sorts...

Platelet count is up to 69,000. Still not ideal.
The oncologists were concerned about postponing another
treatment so, it was decided to reduce the dose by 10%, hoping
that will allow her platelets to continue rebuilding.

Guessing. Hoping. So much for exact science.

She has a follow-up visit with her doctor in 10 days, unless we
notice unusual bruising or bleeding or her temperature spikes.
Then we head for the ER.

Anyway, I'm relieved for now. 

We're keeping alert for Winter's next (may it be the last) hurrah.
Predictions are freezing rain starting tonight and then mucho
snowflakes and wind tomorrow.
The excitement never ends.

Stay warm and dry, dear friends.


Doom said...

Reminds me, somehow, of John Wayne toilet paper. It's rough, it's tough, and it don't take ____ of nobody?

Hang in there. Oh, and when spring, then summer, hits, make sure to get out and enjoy it. The one thing about the seasons is, if you forget to appreciate one, you won't do it twice. Maybe in time you can learn to appreciate even winter? I like it, but... that's me.

Keep up the good work. Uhrm, and, for now, stay warm.

Jean said...

Doom, maybe I can get her to go to the zoo with me when it's warm.
That would be a nice outing.