Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Blood platelet battle...

My sister was scheduled for chemo last week. No go.
Her platelet count was 61.
This week was 67 but still not good enough.
They want at least 75.
Re-scheduled for next week.

They said there is nothing she can do to bump up
her platelet count but, I'll be doing some research.

Her cancer is not gone and without treatment it
will grow.

This is making me nervous. 

I'm confused. Blood platelet numbers I found on the net
are nothing like what are listed above. What I found
range anywhere from 140,000 - 400,000 for normal to
under 20,000 seriously low.
61? 67? 75? WTF?
Her oncologist is out of town this week. Great.


LL said...

They probably mean 75K and are just using shorthand language.

I'm sorry, Jean. I do read and follow but I don't comment much. I always say a little prayer for you and your sister. <3

Jean said...

Could be, LL.
My blogging lately isn't worthy of much attention. Means a lot that anyone still comes around.

Anonymous said...

Jean, I understand how maddening this can be. Does your sister trust her doctor? We caregivers tend to blame the doctor when the patient is having difficulty. You and Carol (your sis's name?)are always in my thoughts and prayers -- even if you don't blog much.


Karl said...

Good afternoon Jean,
Your confusion is due to abbreviation. When the folks that check your sister's platelets, say her count is 61, the count is actually 61,000. They have abbreviated, for clarity on the paperwork. A normal platelet count could be between 140,000 and 400,000. However it would be written as 140 or 400. This varies person to person and has to do with hemoglobin level and weight. The minimum platelet donation level is usually 150.

Hope this helps to clear things up. All best your sister and you as well.

og said...

Platelet count is an issue. Aspirin and blood thinners affect it. Also something called it that can make them drop. Itp stands for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

boneman said...

I suppose I could be shot for asking this, but, if the situation is dire enough, then perhaps it could be something to consider.
You know what I will say.

Meanwhile, here is something more concrete.

Dr. Robert Melamede
University of Colorado
Phone: (719) 641-1188

e-mail him with the particulars of the cancer.
Call him if you're nervous...
I have not talked to him, however, we had a couple of great e-mails when I was trying to find out if cancer could be cured.

and...as it is Carol, you might want to skip the "what is it" conversation until you find out if there is a possibility of slowing growth, stopping it altogether, or (best scenario) eats the cancer gone.

Before you prejudge it... get the information, first.

That's step one.
Step two...if you girls need a ride, I would take you both. (I can get my own room, but if I hear a lot of partying around next door...I'm coming over.)

Jean said...

Bonnie, Carol's oncologist is great. No issues with her.
Much thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you, Karl. We should be able to get more info from her oncologist next Tuesday.

Og, yeah, platelets do the clotting so anything that thins the blood is a bad idea.

Boneman, I had a temporary meltdown after this latest news.
Panic has subsided.

Her oncologist had told us last week to keep an eye out for bruising and bleeding. She also said she's keeping tabs on Carol's bone marrow and that there are other chemo mixes she can try.
Platelet transfusion might be a possibility at some point.