Sunday, January 26, 2014

Someone moved Ohio...

to the North Fucking Pole.

It's been snowing and blowing for three days, without a break,
until an hour ago. Looking at the sky I can see it will start
again soon. 

And, more sub-zero temps coming for the next two or three days.
Anything at or above freezing feels balmy.


I know, it's as bad or worse where you are but, I haven't
done any real whining in a while.

Still here, still breathin'.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Glad you're alive. Will be happier still when someone in power takes climate change seriously.

Doom said...

Oh? I'm used to it, coming from Iowa. But I have great empathy for those not used to it. Florida spoils, but I don't begrudge all spoiling for those that like a little heat.

Good to hear from you. Whine away.

Jean said...

Good to see you, JCN.
The weather extremes are troublesome.

Hi, Doom.
Last winter here was so mild, I was hoping for the same again.

Doom said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was lulled myself by two or three easy winters. But both last and this winter, here, have been much colder. Actually we need snow, though. Reservoirs are at... 17%? They need to be at 65-70%, minimally, or... well... It's hard to pray for snow, though, even so.

Just... bundle up and follow the lead of the other snow bunnies? :) Thankfully, the cold isn't much for me. I still have my ac in the window, which... lets in outside air. Probably not your gig though. Wish I could send you some of my cold resistance.

foam said...

Stay warm! I woke to 3f this morning. Brrr.. And this is the south!
Anywho, good to know you are still out there!

Anonymous said...

Mind if I whine a little to Jean?

The schools have only been open here on about 6 days, total, since mid-December (course, that includes the 2-week the Christmas/New Year's break).

Can't bring myself to drag Red out and around in these arctic temps. If we got stranded . . .

So, here we sit, bored out of our ever-lovin' MINDS.

Heck, the kidlet spends a lot of time in her room READING -- TV sucks so badly these days.

Yeah.... CABIN FEVER's hittin' fever pitch 'round here, lemme tell ya.

Stay warm and take care.


the walking man said...

Oh well maybe if we quit shitting on the earth she'll quit peeing on us?

Joe said...

hola, Jean.

Jean said...

Foamy, seems there's terrible weather everywhere. Stay safe.

Freddie! It's been ages.
Yah, at least I'm only responsible for amusing myself.

That's a very good point, Mark.

Hola Senor Joe :-)

og said...

Jean: G-d bless and stay warm. When spring comes, just having survived the winter will make you feel nineteen again. That's the magic of it, how the Creator can make it all new again each year.

Jean said...

Og, no doubt Spring will give me a renewed appreciation for green grass, blooms and shorts.

Jess said...

I feel for you.

About an hour ago, my air conditioner kicked on. It's set at 74 degrees.

Outside, it's 81.

Jean said...

Jess, 81 is in the perfect range.
I'm missing Florida just a little bit.