Monday, June 10, 2013

is it me or is it you?...

Haven't said much lately 'cause I'm really, really tired of whining
and my brain has refused to spew anything else.
Medication might be helpful. No insurance puts that out of reach.

Shadows are relentless.


foam said...

first of all..
Second of all
(((Yup, more hugs)))
I've been's not fun.
Hang in there .. Would a new puppy help?

Doom said...

Look, I'm not all state sponsored this, and give out that, but there ARE cases where government can and does help. Have you looked into public assistance? Yeah, it sucks, but it is there for YOU. You aren't a loafer, a quitter, or such. And you are falling through the cracks. Get up, get out, and... swallow some pride. I had to do it myself.

And look how cheery I turned out to be! :p Get to it.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

What Foam said.
Only from further away.

Jean said...

Sorry, folks. Having computer issues.
Unreliable &*%$!#$.

foam said...

aww, bummer!