Sunday, March 17, 2013

The worst is over (knock on wood)...

Radiation treatments were completed Wednesday. 44 total.
Absolutely no other appointments for the rest 
of the month besides her herceptin infusion
which continues every three weeks.
She has a visit with the oncologist early in April
and I fully expect her to be released for work.

Her trip through all aspects of the process continue
to be amazing, especially considering the prognosis
handed down last March immediately after diagnosis.

I'm not needed much anymore, except for monitoring
finances. Her understanding is limited.

It's time to evaluate myself and my direction.


Unknown said...

I'll keep this new situation in my prayers.

Can you stay with her after she begins to work? You would obtain some freedom you don't know now, some timed privacy anyway. Never mind, do what you feel best and all.

I am sure glad to hear a bit of good news in any case. Even if it brings some... doubts, too.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good news.
I wonder where life will take you now?

LL said...

I'm glad her treatment is over. I'm still praying for you both. xoxo

boneman said...

And, I too am always ready to help in anyway possible.
I can have my room empty in a flash; though the mattress is on the floor, it IS very comfortable...I just have to get a better frame than the last one, which gave way one morning at three AM. It was the first time I ever had a dream of falling and actually LANDED! and I woke up and realized, I HAD landed.

Advantages? The bedroom sits directly over the piano room and Steve rarely gets up before 10 (except for church on Sundays. He's a great musician, and well practiced. Can play everything from Bach to happy birthday! and does. You can request any song at all, and that boy can play it.

Disadvantages? well...OK, sure. some. He sometimes plays till the wee hours of the morning. 2 or 3 AM. But even that can be useful. He was playing when my plane went down (I was dreaming I was in a plane) and when I found it was the bedframe, he played perky marching music while I hauled the broken frame out.

On the serious side (too late, boneman) I'm glad you got your sis over the hump. or, in her case, the lump.
If you need a ride anywhere on the continent, I'll be more than happy to be your (well behaved) chauffeur.

Freddie said...

Deep breath...


Jean said...

Thank you all, sweet people.
I'll need a car, and a job to supplement Social Security, for starters. I'll stay here for now.

foam said...

That is good to hear. As hard as it was on you, I knw it was hard on you as a caretaker. I wish you all the best, Jean.

Jean said...

Foamie! It's good to see you!

the walking man said...

Walk slowly and think with intent towards your own best interests jean. No hurry, no rush.

kdzu said...

If we're lucky, we go through many lifetimes within the one. Praying that this is the start of a great new one for you.
Glad your sister is doing so well. May you do so also.

Jean said...

Mark, one step at a time for sure.

Larry! You are missed, dear friend.