Monday, May 21, 2012

Not the same...

the clouds
are different here.
lower. thicker. heavier.
except when there are none.

the sirens
are quieter here.
fewer. farther away.
although, the local news
would not agree.

the air
is lighter here.
sweet. crisp.
in a town that 
used to smell of
melted rubber.

she is
stronger than I expected.
blind faith. pain free.
I'll worry for her.

tonight I
saw one huge star

and three fireflies.


Doom said...

You've been haunting my prayers. Same fish, new fish tank. At least it sounds to be going good for you, very good. Still, I'll... keep you in there from time to time, and your (little?) sister too.

Uhrm, I did want to ask something... I sort of got tied in a personal gordian knot. I did get a card but then I got spaced. Do you have mail forwarding? I'm almost about ready to sneak out of my cave. And, here, there, as long as it gets to you I will... sleep better. One more thing off my very troubled mind.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

You make light and yet, the concern shows through...

the walking man said...

Well see I take a few days away and look at who pops up (on DSL I hope).

That is a lovely piece of writing by the way, don't worry Jean you get used to only seeing a dozen or so stars.

Anonymous said...

Ah. There you are. (Sigh of relief.)

The missing rubber smell. Weird, innit?

I lived in and around Gary when I was growing up. The steel mills. My ashtma. My lungs always knew when we were getting close, or further away.

But the odor isn't there anymore -- not like it was. But then, neither are the jobs.

Very very weird.

Fred :)

Jean said...

Doom, thanks for the prayers. Things have calmed down and are going well.
Yes...mail is being forwarded.

Mr. N, with me it often has to be a conscious effort to notice light. Concern is always there.

DSL it is, Mark. After four days of off and on, they finally sent a tech who did it right.

It is weird, Freddie. So many changes.

boneman said...

Star light Star bright
First star I see toni....
That green star over there is blinking and moving...
It's not a star at all.

kdzu said...

Those were'nt fireflies, they were angels with their headlights on.

Glad to read your voice.

michael said...

Little angels give me goosebumps, this is great, thank you Jean.