Saturday, May 19, 2012

is this thing still on?...

holy cow.

Ain't nuthin' simple ? (No)

Tech guy was just here and is hoping all is fixed.
If we stay online long enough, I'll be back with a
real post.

Hope everyone is well.
I am LOVING this weather!


foam said...

Will you love the winters though..

boneman said...

Don't scare her just yet. Wait till she's snowed in, then ask.
I LIKE that she is only five hours away.)

Hi, honey... Hope everything is OK...
Love ya...


Boxer said...

I was thinking about you and glad to see you're blogging. Also like you and boney are living closer. :-)

Doom said...

Welcome back! I was... starting to wonder. All good.

The computer stuff? Meh, it fixes itself or... something better happens?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Warm thoughts.

Jean said...

Foam, I am selfishly hoping for a mild winter. ;-)

Berry, the net got lost again. Tech returned, more techs on Monday. Geez.

Boxer, it feels like a foreign country in a lot of ways but I can now find my way to a gas station, a grocery, a restaurant, a bank, the library and one hospital. (ok, sometimes I have to cheat and read my notes for directions.)

Doom, good to see you. Just so much to do, I'm tired every day.

Mr N, thank you. Getting colder where you are, right?

Anonymous said...

So, soooo happy you're back. Glad your move obviously went well. You and your sister often run across my mind. Hope you both experience an endless supply of grace, peace, and love. Take care -- of yourself as well as your sis.


Joe said...

Hola. been missing you.

Karl said...

Good evening Jean,

Apparently your trek north went well and you're back with us. Good to hear from you again.

Jean said...

Bonnie, the first week was kinda rough. Now we're getting used to each other.

Missed you, too, Joe.

Good evening, Karl. I wouldn't want to do it again. Berry was a terrific help.