Saturday, August 20, 2011

hard truth...

we're on our own.
the more you lean,
the harder you fall.


Doom said...

I just knew that when I turned 18 I would know it all. Then it was 21. Then I just knew, despite previous plans, that at some point I would know. The more I learned the smaller I became. It reminds me of living on the flatlands and moving to the mountains.

But, I don't believe I am on my own. If too, I believe that what walks with me makes even the mountains seem small. Too much! Too big! The swirling of my mind from it though. Big. BIG. But not impersonal, loving. I can deal. (If I just try not to... look down... or... is it look up?)

boneman said...

How a person can feel so alone while all the while within reach of so many, I have no idea.

The little bird flew out to where you see her, there.
Consulting with the interior other.

And if you'de like to see her friends, c'mon over to time flies...

Enjoy your coffee, honey.
Love ya. ♥


the walking man said...

I am on my own only when i choose to be so, choose differently and so it is.

Jean said...

Many sweet people lift my moods but I am the only one in my life who can DO what needs doing. It wears me down sometimes.

Doom said...

Oh. That. Wish I could help but I would end up swamping anyone I tried to help. I'm probably worse. But I finally know why.

kdzu said...

Splay your feet, spread your legs somewhat, knees slightly bent ready to turn whichever way is best, don't stand like a crane on one leg, center your weight and relax. You're ready. Winds may blow, hurricanes come. The rock you stand on stretches deep into the earth. You may be small but the rock endures. And if you stay on top of it so will you.

Carteach0 said...