Tuesday, April 19, 2011

life in time...

tight two-step
unruly rhumba
sexy slide
waltz of wonder
tangled tango
jiggity jig
tap-dancing solo
shuffle off to Buffalo low.
take a breath
take a bow
take a seat
for now.


kdzu said...

The only dancing I could ever do was around the issue, but that was truly a beautiful sight to see, right up to the time when I forgot just how it was I got started and then it was foot in mouth time, along with head up ass.

Jean said...

Ha!, Larry. Sounds like a pretzel dance. d;-)

the walking man said...

Can't dance but I can rock & roll.

Jean said...

Mark, sometimes that's all you need.

Doom said...

I have read this several times in several moods. Finally, it clicked.

How sexy! Not in a dirty way or anything. I thought you captured the finer points of man and woman together in an exquisite way.


Jean said...

Why, thank you, sir.

Michael Morse said...

That was fun to read and I didn't know why until I read Doom's comment. Thanks both of you!

Jean said...

Actually, Michael, Doom made it more than I was thinking when I wrote it.
I like his take better.

boneman said...

Jean said...

Get a good nap, dear.