Saturday, April 30, 2011

the garage gives up a ghost...

While dishing out Sparky's
food the other day, I noticed
something laying on the floor
in the garage. Seems critters have
been chewing through boxes in the rafters.
These photos of Michael had floated
to the floor.
The first one is from our last trip to
Key West about 1995, in a bar called
Captain Tony's.
The middle pic is about ten years
earlier. We were with friends at a
place the locals call 'the rocks' just
south of Marineland.

The bottom photo is one I took
for a portrait photography class about 1985.

I was heavily into photography back
then. Most of what I took is probably
buried in other boxes and damaged
by mildew and who-knows-what,
worse than these. I sold quite a few
prints at one time but, other things
in life took precedence so photography
got set aside.

Not sure why I felt compelled to post these.
Perhaps every story needs a face.


Doom said...

It was so much easier to simply dislike him without the pictures. He is no monster, just a man, a lost one. Oh well. I probably am not saying the right things but I didn't want to just leave you hanging out there all alone, or something. I hope you remember the good too.

It's strange what of our past can sneak up on us.

Jean said...

Doom, seeing his face after so many years was a bit of a shock. I don't think about him very often anymore. If it weren't for the damn house, I believe it would only be occasional fleeting memories.
It's a shame that he wouldn't take responsibility for himself. There were some good things but they eventually got outnumbered by the bad.

kdzu said...

All of our stories go into the making up of ourselves. When one of the stories is ignored or forgotten, whether good or bad, a tiny piece of us fades away. Only by telling and hearing the whole story can we be fully known. By ourselves or others.
Sorry for the bad..........grateful for the good.

Jean said...

We are a mash of bits and pieces, aren't we, Larry?

Rae Rae said...

The face. There's a sort of... sadness in the eyes.

I admire your strength Jean.

But you already knew that.


Jean said...

Thank you, Rae Rae. He was not a happy man.

Anonymous said...

.... Captain Tony's?....... reminds me of The Last Mango in Paris.......


boneman said...

it isn't letting me write everything I wanted to say.
(a sign?)
(probably a good thing)

Get the other pix out of the box and post them, babe.
We don't want to see Mr. Severe Mullet.

We want to see your stuff.
C'mon and strut it on out!

Jean said...

Eric, Capt. Tony was a legend in Key West. Talked with him several times.
And Buffett's Margaritaville restaurant and store was tres cool.

Berry, finding my old photos could be a hopeless quest.
Maybe I needed to see the pics one more time.

♫NWM♫ said...

Perhaps every face needs a story....

Jean said...