Monday, December 27, 2010


all I see is ugly
in the mirror

but what I remember
was so different

if it's unimportant
tell me why the mirror


boneman said...

The tears rolling down your face
aren't tears from crying at all, you see
It's laughter your reflection feels
It's tears of laughtewr, and a bit of glee.

Jean said...

Tears of laughter are thankfully warm.

boneman said...

anything to help fight the cold, dear.

Freddie said...

Oh girl. I can definitely relate.

Jean said...

Freddie, b'day #60 is approaching and for the first time ever it doesn't feel good.

Michael Morse said...

This is my favorite. The best is yet to come.

Jean said...

Michael, I hope to get that feeling back.

kdzu said...

Take heart Darlin' Miss Jean, as I just notched 61. It's not the lines on the face or a little slowing of the pace that's ugly, but rather the sometimes feeling that things were better then. Tomorrow is going to be the best time in the world, new horizons just waiting to be raced to, new loves to fill ones heart, new hours to fill with laughter.
It's alright to look back, sometimes with wistfulness, but there is no returning, only the now and the hope of tomorrow.
The past is dead and gone, let us celebrate the day and the anticipation of.... everything.
Besides I don't see the outward, only the inner you.
May your New Year bring you un-anticipated Joy and Gladness.

PS. That is one great poem. Touches so many levels.

Jean said...

You're right, Larry. I've just been pouting a bit. Thank you for your sweet words...and a very Happy belated Birthday!

Bou said...

My father turned 70 this year. He told me that the hardest one to turn was 60. He said he realized that there were people out there who really truly thought he was OLD and that pissed him off. Then he shook it off.

I think 70 has bothered him on different levels. My sister turns 40 this year. On her 39th birthday, I called my Dad and said, "Hey! Your YOUNGEST kid turns 40 next year! Bwhahahahaha!" He replied, "You think I give a sh** about that? Hell, I'm turning SEVENTY THIS YEAR. That is what SUCKS." We both laughed.

But honestly, I was bothered by his turning 70 this year. For the first time ever, my parents' birthdays make me want to cry.

Jean said...

Yeah, birthdays have never bothered me. Until this one.I hope I'll suck it up eventually.