Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating for Christmas...

This is it. The extent of my holiday decorating.
And, honestly, it's by accident since I bought it
three or four years ago and set it on a table in the
living room. It's been there ever since.

Yes, it's true. I am certainly a prime example of
a humbuggerian. No need to feel sorry, though.
My choice entirely.

I plan to do a lot of reading while enjoying the
eighteen day holiday break from work.
I'm starting with 'The Imperial Cruise' by James Bradley.
Next on my list is 'The Pacific' by Hugh Ambrose.

I'd also like to find 'Fly Boys' and 'Band of Brothers'.

About the only travelling I might do is a day-trip north
to St. Augustine to view their whole city light display.
In all the years of living in Florida, I've never seen that
town at Christmas.

What are your plans?


boneman said...

to make you more holiday decor items, dear.

Jean said...

They will be the ones I treasure ♥

foam said...

well, it's a mighty fine snowman ..
too bad you and the boneman can't visit each other.
that's what i would wish for you.

Jean said...

Thanks, Foam. We'll figure something out eventually.

Boxer said...

I'm with you this, kind of taking a break from it all. BUT, I'll be at a traditional Christmas breakfast and movie and then home to finally relax. Will you be having guests for the Holidays? I hope you're going to have one special one....

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm in denial. Can't possibly be Xmas yet.

the walking man said...

Want to have a peanut butter and preserves sandwich with me and the dogs while the wife is at work from 2-8, By the by that is one more Christmas decoration than we have.

Jean said...

Boxer, no guests this year, unfortunately. However, Sparky will keep me smiling.

I know, JCN, it showed up too fast!

The sammich sounds great, Mark. I'll bring hot coffee.

hoosierboy said...

I got the Imperial Cruise last year for Christmas. It is a good read. It sure changed some long-held comvictions. TR comes off in a much different light.

My Great Grandfather fought in the Phillipean Insurrection. All war is ugly -- that one was especially so.

Jean said...

"All war is ugly" indeed, HB. I finished Imperial Cruise. Most disturbing and enlightening.