Friday, November 19, 2010


(someone should put together an American Blogger Dictionary)

So. How ya been?

Myself, I am guilty of serious blogger slackery due
to my longgggggggg stretch of gloomy shititude.

To help me hide from the world, I've been reading.
And, reading. And, reading.

Things such as:
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (as good as the movie),
a biography of Mark Twain (slow beginning),
a biography of John Forbes Nash (Russell Crowe movie 'A Beautiful Mind'),
The Memory Keeper's Daughter (excellent),
a biography of Lewis Grizzard (sad),
To Kill A Mockingbird (several times),
Books (a memoir by Larry McMurtry),
Lonesome Dove (wonderful),
Atonement (excellent),
short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald (sucked),
Divine Sisters of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (loved it),
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (awesome. why no movie?).

That's a sample.
I regularly scavenge through the library's books-for-sale room
and Goodwill shops for cheap prices. Lonesome Dove was $.10.
I'll be starting on a bio of Zelda Fitzgerald soon. One dollah.

Work is the same. Still part-time.
Yesterday was my last day until November 29. They shut down
for the week of Thanksgiving. No pay for me but, oh well.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting a galfriend for lunch and a leisurely
stroll through a large art festival in Deland. If I remember
to get fresh batteries for the camera and then actually use
the camera, I may have some pics to post this weekend.

I know. You are panting in anticipation.

Have a great weekend.


Erica said...

I do hope things pick up...totally feel ya on the shititude, and I am panting in anticipation to see some photos, so hop to it. And might I recommend rechargeable batteries? Just another cost-cutting alternative from yours truly. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Heya! Always nice to hear from you.

I'm gonna take a few of your book suggestions to heart to read on the long winter nights.

kdzu said...

Well, actually we are. Been too long. Although I too can get totally caught up in reading book after book, frequently more than one at a time.
Recently though been trying to learn a new skill. I'll show them yet, someday, that an old dog can learn a new trick.

Froth said...

I agree with you about Edgar Sawtelle. I read it twice. It's epic.

Keep the faith. Light shines yonder.

Jean said...

Erica, recharge batts. good idea.

Joan, go with Edgar Sawtelle for sure. What Froth said.

Larry, more than one at a time? Me too!

Kim, I also read it twice. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Googled movie The Story of Edgar Sawtelle because it sounds familiar. Tom Hanks, Oprah, and others are producing the movie. I thought it had already been distributed. Guess not.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Pant, pant...

Jean said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I hope they do it justice.

Breathe, JCN, breathe.

boneman said...


Your best writing leaves me de-panting, actually.

Jean said...

'de-panting' ? That's a new one, babe.

Jean said...

oh, wait. de-pant. I get it.


Boxer said...

you too? xoxo

Blaez said...

*hugs* *loves*

Bou said...

I'm writing down some of these books. I keep a list of authors I should start. I pass them to my Mom and Dad as well, who are more voracious readers than I am, which I didn't think possible. It keeps the mind sharp...

As for the total suckatude, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the pt becomes ft.