Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deland Art Festival... Part One

I'm going to post the pics from the Deland Art Festival
a few at a time, in separate posts.
The weather was beautiful but there were some disappointments.
First, there were noticeably fewer participants than in the past.
Second, a lot of the pieces were left over from past shows. Not
as much new stuff as expected.
Third, a lot of the artists would not allow photos of their work.

This artist, however, didn't mind at all.
Richard Currier. Go look at his website.
Fantastic work. And, note the size of the pieces.
I don't think anything is smaller than 30"x30".
He only had about half a dozen pieces at the show
and they were all at least 4'x5'.

I'll do more tomorrow.

(click on the pics to make bigger.)


the walking man said...

Don't take pictures of my pictures is the same thing as saying "No I don't want people to know my name or work." The epitome of stupid starving egoist artists.

Jean said...

I know, Mark. It's free advertising.
Most were very gracious, however.

boneman said...

I like the face

Michael Morse said...

One of these days I'm going to start collecting art. I hope.

Jean said...

I liked them all, Berry.

Michael, buy what you love.

Holly said...

woah @ walkingman - please educate yourself a little bit about why art fair artists do not allow pictures of their work. It has nothing to do with stupidity or egotism like you cite but rather a profession issue -copyright protection. Our work (images) are stolen by foreign firms and then it shows up on coffe cups from China. People take pictures for their own use without compensating the artist and fraudulent artists who are unoriginal will copy anothers's work or even try to sell photos of a painting someone else produced for profit. This is a very complex and hot button issue for people displaying at an out door venue. You are welcome for this class in Being an Informed Patron 101. And thank you for no more name calling. It is hard enough to make a living in this manner without being belittled.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man,
YOU are the epitome of stupid. An artist owns all of the intellectual and reproduction copyrights to all of his work. Artists are tired of people walking into their booths and snapping away, stealing ideas and real content. An artist who doesn't allow his work photographed is just trying to protect himself from idiots who attend shows with no intent to purchase anything, but are only there to snap away pictures to post online or use as computer or phone screen savers. What did YOU buy at the show? Nice pony tail too, moron. 1970 called want its hair back.