Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Whiney weather and one other bit of stuff...

Florida has killed Spring and embraced Summer.

When the humidity stays at 90% for a week it doesn't
matter that the temps are only in the mid-80s.
The air is muggy and heavy and sticky and it feels HOT.
I'll try not to whine too often in the next five months
but, I make no promises.

The one other bit of stuff... I'm trying a new product for
the Pondering....... store. Ladies tank tops. Plus, as an
enticement, there will be a card with matching design
at no extra charge and free shipping. Stay tuned.
ETA two weeks.

Happy June !


Freddie said...

Whine all you want. I promise not to say a word.

After all YOU put up with MY whining all winter long.


Jean said...

Ha!..thanks, Freddie.

kdzu said...

There is only one acceptable reason for things to be that humid and the weather has nothing to do with it.
My suggestion move to an area where the summer nights are cooler and relief is only a step onto the porch away. The North GA mountains for an example. Preferably near Tate city, population 32, just south of the N. Carolina border at the head waters of the Tullulah River.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sounds sticky!

Jean said...

Trust me, Larry, that 'one acceptable reason' is not it...this time. Tate City, you say?
I must google ;-)

Mr. N, yucky sticky.

Bou said...

Oh my eldest and I have been commiserating about the heat for a couple weeks. Dang miserable, we are. I told my 2nd son today, as we ran errands, "It's too dang hot and sticky for civil human beings to be out and about in." It's going to be a LONG summer...

hoosierboy said...

I stepped out of the airport in Charlotte last week and my glasses steamed up. Summer in the South!

Jean said...

Bou, the worst I remember is when the heat started in April. yuck.

HB, when I lived in Ohio we used to say it had two seasons... winter and August.

Yunus said...

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