Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I don't remember where I found this...

(photo credit Sharon Montrose) thank you, Berry.

but s/he's pretty damned adorable.

This will have to do until I can loosen
the iron clamps that are squishing my brain.
There's so much going on in the world, with
friends and family, and in my life that I feel
blank inside even as I worry about it all.

I hate to feel like I have no control.


kdzu said...

Stop turning the screw clockwise and try counter-clockwise. See if that reduces the pressure. If not, take several shots of your favorite toddy and call me in the morning.

Anonymous said...


boneman said...

Jun SU said ...

Hello ~ ~ Thank you for your great experience sharing

Freddie said...

Hang in there.

They do LOOK cute don't they? Have you seen that commercial where the woman who needs glasses opens her sliding door and tells a 'coon: "Here kitty kitty. Come and snuggle with mama"?

Makes me giggle every time.


Jean said...

Larry, ha! Will do.

Berry, really? Still spam to me.

Freddie, I don't have cable but that one sounds like a riot.