Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lazy, hazy, crazy haiku...

Sparrow's topic for this week's HAIKU CONTEST is


sweat, sweat and more sweat.
excuse me, I should have said;
glow, glow and more glow.

Submit your entry by 10 pm Wednesday.

Then you can go outside and play.

UPDATE: vote for your favorite no later than 10 pm Thursday!


boneman said...

there is no doubt in my mind or heart why I like you so.

However, to be treated as Erica, Lynn, Kate, troll, Aunty, and to some extent even Bird and Cora treated me?
It isn't part of me to be so cruel.

Nor you, I'll bet.
Our neighbors have outside dogs, too.
Some of the nastiest storms pass by here and those dogs stay outside.
Through lightning and thunder so close, so bright it runs electricity through your very soul, and the dogs stay outside.

Now, I know it was a tropical storm/hurricane, but I'm telling you, without a doubt having been in both....
These here are much worse than those. They come all year long without so much as a whisper of foreseen forecast, sometimes.

But they keep their dogs out in it.

And you, with your outside dog...
Ol' Sparky.
Oh, Jean, if I die before you, I hope I come back as one of your dogs.

I promise to not make in the house.
Warm your feet at night.
Clean your plates in the evening (even if you have to still wash the plates afterwords) and I pray I never chew your good shoes, but I will growl and bark at the UPS dude always.


boneman said...

....gosh, in fact, this could be a picture of me with that UPS guy's food offering, now.


boneman said...


storm, storm and more storm.
stupid rain just go away
let Jean go outside.

Jean said...

I'm speechless...and touched.

Doom said...

Hey, one can lead to the other, sweat to glow, in multiples even. Or, so I believe I have seen.

Good to see you are still not drowned. *knocking on wood* I guess keeping your chin up has more meaning than it used to?

Jean said...

Doom...'sweat to glow' I don't mind a bit :-)
Hot and sunny here all week.

boneman said...

rain, rain, go away
let Jean go outside and play.
Weather? Be nice, eh?

dianne said...

I like that one Jeannie and it is probably how you are feeling after cleaning up all of the mess from the storm. :) xoxox

kdzu said...

uunngghh........the before sweat.

Aahhh.......the after glow.

Damn, is it hot in here, or just me.

Jean said...

heh...no, it's not just you.