Sunday, July 30, 2006

From Behind the Curtain...

In writing this, I put into words what might never be said out loud.

This is me speaking now, in real time, to all of you who have read this blog of mine. This is a very sincere thank-you to everyone who has read what I have written. Many of you are bloggers and many are friends and family who do not blog.

The recent increase in comments is due mostly to bloggers who have been kind enough to visit here after my leaving a comment on their blog. Some have said they found me just by chance or accident. Several have gone so far as to mention me in one of their posts, and even add me to their own side-bar with other blogs they read and recommend. I am flattered and honored.

Being the techno-challenged blonde that I am, it will probably take more time
for me to decipher and use the link and blog roll "thingies". When I do, I intend
to use them to further show my appreciation.

Not everyone who reads here leaves comments. Many of those who do not still let me know they were here via e mail... and for those I know personally... through phone calls, instant messaging and in-person conversations. I savor all your feedback, no matter what form it takes. Even those of you who read here without my knowing it deserve a thank-you.

I appreciate the time all of you spend here.

That's it for now. I know you are all busy people.
I will end this with a quote from one of my favorite blogs:
"Back to our regular scheduled programming." You know who you are.


K. D. Zu said...

I "found" you thru your comment on my site. When you're just throwing it out there with no idea of how to get people to visit, it's extremely gratifying to have someone leave a comment. Thanks.
I loved your prayer. What Freddie said. Listen to your heart. That's where God and those who have passed write their letters. Although I have a daughter who can sense my mothers presence and hear her at times.

Jean said...

"Listen to your heart.That's where God and those who have passed write their letters."....... that is absolutely beautiful, K.D.
Thank you!

curmudgeon said...

"I appreciate the time all of you spend here."

Likewise. :)

Jean said...

Mr. C **smooch** :)

delftsman3 said...

Thank you for reading my poor efforts. It's nice to know there is someone out there.

Blaez said...

Your an awesome woman, Jean. I'm glad I found you, you visited me and I hope we can be friends.

k said...

Miss Sassy had some fine words about commenters about the same time you did:

So me, I'll just copy here what I said about that, there:

*I love comments too. And commenters! I think the bloggers should get together a Commenter Appreciation Day. Or, say, a Carnival of the Commenters.*

Jean - you and Miss Sassy and so many in this loose circle here, were born to blog.

And I've noticed that people I say that about are almost always wonderful commenters, too.

So thank you, right back atcha.

Jean said...

delftsman3.....I enjoy your efforts. pleasure, thank you.

k....Carnival idea sounds great!..I vote for fall or winter so we don't all melt...thank you, sweet lady.

decrepitoldfool said...

Thank You for stopping by my place and leaving a nice comment! I enjoyed reading your posts and will forward the link to MrsDoF. :-)

Jean said...

thank you, DoF!