Wednesday, March 20, 2019

itty-bitty FYI...

For anyone who was on the "Followers" list on
the sidebar, I deleted it. Nothing personal toward
anyone. Blogger messed with it and made it look ugly.
Plus, a lot of those followers and their blogs don't
exist anymore.

The blogs listed on my sidebar also include a rather
big batch of inactive blogs. Some of the authors have
died, some of the blogs have been deleted.
I guess it's acceptable to remove those blogs from the
list on the sidebar but... letting go can be difficult for me.
It may be silly, but it feels disloyal. Abandonment, of sorts.

When I moved from Florida, I lost/gave up a lot of things
that had a lot of meaning to me. A lot. It still hurts if I let
myself reflect on it. A huge failure on a long list of failures.

Anyway. Let's end on a more positive note, shall we?

I'm completely off insulin. Only using metformin for diabetes
control. Glucose levels are staying very stable with the
daily average 120 or lower, depending on what and how much
I eat, of course. A1c 5.6.... but the endo doc is concerned
about my levels of albumin and creatinin so he sent me to
a kidney specialist. Waiting on test results but I'm not
worrying. I feel good so I'm going with that for now.
Weight loss is slow but that's pretty much my own fault for
so rarely moving my ass this winter other than to shovel snow.
Still, almost 40 pounds gone.

Carol is doing well. She's into her second year of daily chemo
(Tykerb) and dealing with only minor side-effects. Hard to believe
that she first started chemo 7 years ago this month. Followed by
mastectomy and heavy radiation. I'm glad I was able to be
here for her. Plus the other siblings, too.

Long-awaited Spring is here today.
Yet another reason to be grateful.



LL said...

I'm glad you & your sister are well. I love seeing these random updates in my RSS feed ❤

Jean said...

Hope all is well for you, LL.

Doom said...

Pretty good Jean. When I can get meds, and stay on them... You have me by twenty pounds, if weight loss is less interesting to me than numbers. I'll get back to your numbers without medicine, faster if they give me what works. Still, sounds great for you and your sis.

I lost things leaving Iowa, but gained far more. I am sorry you lost so much. I know I supported you returning to your home state, still do. Girls need family, messy as that is... siblings, hometown... state. Have you considered a visit? Although, if you bother, perhaps in the middle of winter, not when spring is hitting? :) Maybe save now for next December or January?

Keep it up. Prayers and well wishes to you and family.

Jean said...

Your support and well wishes are appreciated, Doom.
A visit might be on the list but definitely not near summer.

Joe said...

Great news. I lost the weight, no problem . I am down around 60 pounds from my high when I was diagnosed with type 2. I have been fighting my sugar for about a year. I am on all of the pills I can take. Tne next step is the needle. I need to get more disciplined in my diet and exercise. The doc is losing patience that I am really gonna do it before my next visit. He's heard it too often.

It is sad to think about all of he great bloggers that are gone. It is hard to believe that Acidman and Bane have been gone more than a decade.

We've been at this too long.

Jean said...

It took me a year to lose the 40. That's too slow, especially since I nee to drop another 40. I'm just so lazy. One doctor said he would hook me up with the stomach staple/banding thing. I almost slapped him.
Yeah, you don't want the needle if it can be avoided.

Ten years. Damn. I started mine in 2006. Lots of trial and error before I had a tiny clue about what I was doing.

Don't get too discouraged, Joe. I don't want to be completely lonely in this big dark cave.

the walking man said...

Well done on the a1c Jean. After near 25 years if tight control it would seem to me that I am spinning. Unable to lose weight like I once was and not sure of my own a1c (blood this week ahead)moving to 65 has not been a kind endeavor for me.

Ah well methinks that in moving you had your heart in a good place and therefor it was not a wrong (or right) decision, only a necessary one.

Jean said...

I turned 68 this month. Not a fun ride at times, but I'm glad to still be around.

I'm glad I moved, Mark. I'm needed here.

Joe said...

I just turned 57. I feel 77. Mentally, I'm about 17, so it all averages out.

Ok maybe my humor is more like a 13 year old.

Jean said...

I love your humor.