Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lake Street Dive...

You're not excited about my book choices, 
maybe you'll like some music
Lead singer sounds, to me anyway, like a
cross between Bonnie Raitt and Carly Simon. 
The song 'Good Kisser' is killer. 
G'head, lissssssssssten.


Doom said...

I just can't read anymore. Bifocals might help, if I think it's more than that. As to the singer, I am getting more Beyánce than the others. Though, mayebe they were precursors of a sort. Still, if it's your pleasure, so be it.

Oh, but happy Mother's day!

Jean said...

Diabetes can have bad effects on our eyes, Doom. Probably a good idea to have your eyes checked by a good opthamologist. I think medicare pays for one exam per year when diabetes related.


Doom said...

Yeah. With a gooder president, one who won't put ebola patients in VA's, I'm restarting the VA. They are excellent (or have been) with glasses/eyes, if you have to be 100%er, unless disability related. Good dental too. Maybe they dropped it to 50%? On it. Will try to get medicine through them again as well. Tried the civvy place they would allow, got terrible glasses... not sure if it was cluster finger doc or cheapo glasses. Definitely back to the VA, at least now.

My real problem, well besides bifocals, is focus... mental. *zzz* :p

If they kill the VA, I hope they don't just shove us in medicare/medicade. I've got to tell you, unless you are lucky, you get the worst quacks in there, worse than VA from my experience. It's like they can't be approved until they have botched enough? I'd go without anything I couldn't afford, which isn't much.

Jean said...

I just looked at your glucose results...very impressive!
Whatever you're doing without meds is working well. Congrats!

My endocrinologist doctor with Medicare is a good guy.
Primary care broad, not so much. But I'll tolerate her for now.
Ohio told me I am no longer qualified for Medicaid so I am being very careful about what gets done.

Doom said...

Yeah? I fasted. Two days, no food. Well, and lower carb when I eat. No sugar, but solid veggies, and occasional fruit. I need the mix, to be honest . But thanks. Didn't realize you were visiting.

I wish I could help you. But anything I would send wouldn't get your doc a new putter, taste you know. If they were really helping, that would be one thing. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I heard Good Kisser on some late night talk show. Like it.


Jean said...

I saw them on a Saturday morning show. Good stuff!

og said...

Like LSD. Like her in those Dittos. They do a version of "Take on me" that is quite good.

Joe said...

Are you OK jean?

Jean said...

I'm good, Joe. A little down. A lot lazy.