Sunday, April 08, 2018

An excellent book...

The life and career of David Fairchild.

Did you know that the Chilean translation
of "avocado" is "testicle"? 

Did you know the Incas ate quinoa and
that it is a cousin to spinach?


Doom said...

Chileans? Bollix? And the others? Of course. Went to seed for it. ;p

I keep quinoa on hand. Tried some grown in Idaho, I don't think it worked well. It is an acquired taste, and has to be cooked just right or it becomes the absolute worst mush. Hmm? I thought we were talking.

If I could read, I might try it. Good day, madam, and your sister too.

Jean said...

I tried quinoa once. That was more than enough. ewww.
Good day to you.