Thursday, March 22, 2018

You can't send flowers to a post office box...

Wherever I was, it wasn't here. No snow.
But yet, in the fenced yard, I saw a polar bear wandering.
I kept checking the gate to make sure it couldn't escape.
I sensed other large animals in the yard but didn't see them,
so I don't know what they were.
I started looking for the bathroom and that's when I woke up.
Sure enough, I had to pee. 

Dreams are weird.


I miss blogging. The way it used to be.
Thank goodness there are some of you still out there.
I'm not ready to give up yet, either.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thank goodness you woke up.


Jean said...

Ha! No kidding, bonnie.

Joe said...

I miss blogging the way it used to be too. I keep slogging. More often than not I ask myself why?

Glad to see you post something.

the walking man said...

It is only recently that I started having dreams again Jean. I dunno where they went and I am not certain I like their return. But in my dreams I would have wrassled that bear!

Jean said...

Joe, at least you keep making the effort.

Mark, a shrink told me that we don't remember dreams that would upset us. Like we're protecting ourself from ourself.

Doom said...

Dreams? When is the last time you have been out? :p

As for the shrink, he, she, or zit can't be right. I had to learn to manage dreams or they would have killed me. Now, normal nightmares are entertainment. It's the memory dreams, which I can't change, or always shut off, which can really mess up my day, if rare anymore.

If you really miss it, nothing to it but do it. Doesn't have to be fancy. I just, often, write my simple plans, touting success or lamenting failure, with occasional fireworks. Asking the Q. of E. to release the part of the church the throne wrongly claims, for example. You never know. Approaching death can open eyes. But does the strength remain. Do you honestly think Reagan truly believed Gorby would tear down the wall?

Anyway, if you miss it then just do it.

Jean said...

I don't go out much, Doom. Just enough to avoid the 'hermit lady' label. I think.

Doom said...

I think you missed my tease. I... am considered a hermit, though no lady. ;p

I was just fooling about the psychology thing. I don't believe in them, is what I was cracking at. If someone gets paid at least a hundred an hour to just sit in a weather controlled environment, just how fast do you think they want to fix you, assuming they could. Using psychoanalysis or most common therapies? Check on them, even in psychological circles these have been debunked... they don't work. Nor are they able to replicate diagnosis, thus treatment. Look it up yourself. Lord knows we have the time.

So... who to talk to? That is all that is needed. Family and friends. Can't go? Call. Unlike a psychologist, you might get it straight, at least as the conversant sees it. But THAT is actually psychologically better. Makes you fight for the truth, or change if you realize opposition is correct... or live with being wrong. At least it's honest.

My older cat is snoring up a storm. :) Be well.

goatman said...

I used to be able to fly in my dreams, not real high just about telephone line height. Not so much anymore. I think it may have to do with freedom or perceived freedom. I am back to the blogging after having quit the facebook.

Jean said...

Doom, I went to a psychologist for a while after my husband's death.
It helped a bit but blogging about it helped more.

Goatman I got rid of the facebook years ago.
I'll come visit soon.