Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Motivate me...

Thanks to The Hammock Papers.


Doom said...

Yes. And if you have a broken finger, every place you touch hurts. That motivation is a loaded gun. All I'm saying. Thankfully, those haven't yet been fully banned.

Jean said...

Most of my mood is from frustration with diabetes issues.
Just really, really pisses me off.

Doom said...

Yeah. I have that too. Currently I have quit meds. It stays, for me, right around 200. If I go on meds, it cycles up beyond just one injection, so they want me on two, which I refused. When I was able to fast, hoping to get back to it, diabetes came under complete control. Then I ran out of potassium and... choked hard. Now I am taking a LOT of extra potassium. I just haven't recovered to where I can fast again.

When I fast, I do two sorts. Four days I simply don't eat for most of the day, but eat anything I want, initially, with an eye toward lower/better carbs in a four to six hour period. Consumption is initially high, but then it lowers. Then, for three days a week, I actually don't eat at all. Difficult if you have a lot of chores, physical activity. Though I purchased some goop that is supposed to help. But it's a bit pricey.

Anyway... It is fixable, but it is a bear to fix. Most people, maybe me, should stick with meds. But I'm now doing self-pay. I can't afford the medicine, and won't do zerocare or the V.A. Both suck, and are nasty bureaucrat things, not real medicine. I'll go without. How is that for rant based on diabetes? :p

Good luck with your problem. I... really feel your pain.

Jean said...

I haven't quit the meds yet.
Waiting for an appt with an endocrinologist.

Doom said...

Oh, yeah. I'd be careful. I'm not sure what I am doing is best, I simply couldn't afford two types of insulin, and at those levels. Further, I don't trust that. It looks like a perfect storm to make me completely reliant on those meds, so if a breakdown occurs, I would definitely die. I don't trust the... but then, I am paranoid. Not wrong, necessarily, but I don't trust.

Do what you think is right, but do it carefully. If you have to have it, no choice. I wasn't trying to pied-piper you. Or... that wasn't the intent. Good luck.

Jean said...

I've been reading how bad taking insulin really is on our bodies. It makes me wonder how any decent physician could continue to prescribe it. I'm slowly decreasing the dosages and drastically changing my diet.
So far, my sugar is staying in the healthy zone and I'm losing weight for the first time in over two years.
If I can't maintain this, then metformin might be an option. But, I'm really hoping to shit-can all meds.