Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stay outta my car, dammit...

I didn't know my 1999 Jeep had an alarm until recently.
Now, when I unlock and open the door, the alarm goes off.
The only way I can turn it off is to start the engine.
My mechanic says they stopped making fix-it parts
or replacement alarms in '09. There are none to be had
anywhere. He also says it cannot be disconnected or
removed or else the alarm will always be on (?).
Something to do with the way it's wired into the car.


I started leaving it unlocked.


I opened the door and saw the driver's seat was reclined.
Like someone had been sleeping in it.


About a week later, I opened the door and the glove box
was open and papers from the glove box were scattered
on the front passenger seat and the storage compartment
between the front seats was open. Nothing stolen but obviously
someone was looking. 

First incident, the car was parked in front of the house.
Second time, it was parked in the driveway.
There is no garage.

This gave me a bad case of the creeps, so I started locking 
the car again.  

Maybe I should find out if they can make a key fob with
the alarm buttons? (Whatta pain in the ass.)

In other news, there isn't any.
We all are otherwise well. Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Scary knowing someone was in your car. Stupid cars. Seems when one thing goes wrong, everything starts falling apart. Good luck.

Glad to hear everyone is ok.


Jean said...

Hi, Bonnie!
Sometimes cars make me wish for horse and buggy days.

Joe said...

Happy early, or maybe late birthday. I know it is in March, give me credit for that anyway.

Jean said...

You get lots of credit, Joe. (It's Monday.)
Yours is this month, too. I thought I made a note last year but, alas, the date escapes me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Jean!!!!


Jean said...

awww, thanks, Bonnie. Hoping to get out to Barnes&Noble then lunch with the sibs. Fingers crossed that the snow holds off until evening.

Joe said...

Best wishes for the happiest of days

Jean said...

Thank you, Joe.

the walking man said...

After market or factory installed alarm? Whatever can be added can be removed.

Jean said...