Friday, April 01, 2016

8 hours in the E.R....

Took the E.R. eight hours to decide what her doctor's
office would have determined in no more than one hour. 

Unfortunately, her oncologist is on vacation until Monday.
She had diarrhea Wednesday, then her temp spiked Thursday. 
White cell count is low again.
They're concerned about her heart rate (122) and her
breathing seems labored even though she says she's fine.
They also scanned for blood clots but found none. 
The swelling in her left arm (lymphedema) is worse and some of
her fingernails look bruised. Might fall off.

The Phys. Asst. said they might have to seriously consider
changing the chemo. This mix is beating her up too much.
Five hospital visits in six months. 

Yeah. We all agree.


Doom said...

If there is time to choose, take it, I suppose. I think doctors are afraid, though more of stepping on each other's toes. It is what it is.

I was wondering if you have tried kefir? And there are other things, including sauerkraut (great on hot dogs, and it being baseball season). Never mind, just curious, and hopeful in either case.

Anonymous said...

I think all ERs have a rule that each patient spends a required 4 hrs, at least, before anything is decided. Hate ERs.

Prayers continue.