Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow day...

Between 10 pm last night and noon today, we were dumped on.
About six inches of heavy, wet snow that stuck to everything.
Now, I'm watching it melt. Weird winter this year.
They say we'll get more snow tonight and tomorrow morning, then
Friday and the weekend will hit 50 degrees and bring rain. 
Might be some flooding. More weird. 

Carol is holding her own.
Her chemo was Thursday. This time only took four hours.
The first one was eight hours. They do the first of the new
treatments slower to make sure there is no bad reaction.

I can tell this new mix is harder on her than the last.
She's been tired every day since and her skin is pale and there
are dark circles under her eyes. I'm hoping her immune system
builds up so she can get back to her old self soon.
And, she's losing her hair again.
That doesn't seem to bother her much. She says she'll just have
to get a couple of wigs like she did before.  
At least she hasn't been nauseous and she's not in pain.

This Thursday is her birthday. She said she wants a new toaster
and a steak dinner. I think Ann and I can handle that.


the walking man said...

All your sister can do is keep on keeping on, as long as there is hope for a quality of life I say go for it. when you cook up that steak, medium rare for me and I'' bring the toaster how many slices 2,4,6?

Stay strong Jean.

Anonymous said...

You're all lucky to have each other.

Hang in there Ladies.


Jean said...

Mark, she may get tired but she's not a quitter.
The toaster is a 4-slicer.

Freddie, you're right. We're in it together.