Friday, December 18, 2015

Good news/Bad news...

The antibiotics appear to be working.
She finishes the last dose December 27 and a nurse will
come out to remove the PICC line December 28.
She is almost pain free. Energy level is up.
Blood work is acceptable. Oxygen level is better.
That's the good news.

The bad news is, her cancer is active again.
They put chemo on hold because of the spine
inflammation.  Didn't want to jeopardize her
immune system with chemo until the infection was
under control. But now her oncologist is very concerned,
so she scheduled a chemo treatment for next Tuesday
instead of waiting for the last dose of antibiotic. 
Doc doesn't know if the cancer activity is because she
hasn't had chemo in six weeks or if this chemo drug
is losing its effectiveness. She said that if it's not going
to work any more, there are still lots of other treatments 
they can go to. 

The cancer shows as a bad "rash" on her chest.
Carol noticed it "a while ago" but didn't say anything.
Ignoring the obvious is what put her in a dangerous
situation in the first place. Now, again.

I really don't know if my sister truly doesn't understand how
serious... or if she's in full-blown denial because she might
be so terrified of the reality that she can't/won't consider the

It's very much like living with a four year old at times.


Doom said...


Don't be too angry at her. Sometimes it's just a bit much, when you are on the receiving end and everybody is pushing. I fluster doctors to family and, really, can't give a **** sometimes. Can't. Not that I don't know, not that I don't care... but for not, I really can't g a s. At least in my case, I have that they were treating the wrong diagnosis for over 20 years. Don't get too upset, just understand it is what it is. You, and she, can only do what you can. Your best, and when you can, which sometimes seems like too little. But... it'll do until it doesn't.

Relax. Enjoy your time with her as you may. Understand she won't always be able or willing to help. Know it isn't your fault, not ever hers. The weight of living through things that kill you is heavy, hard, dark... even when people try to help. Be good to yourself and just take it as it comes. I'm just working myself out of my own snit, so I am really sympathetic with your sis, yet not meaning to be hard on you, either. I get it, both ways. Prayers and well-wishes to you both.

Jean said...

I think my anger is more at cancer, which doesn't do any good, either.
And, most anger comes from fear, n'est ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Jean, I understand how you are dealing with your sister's cancer. Caregivers are overwhelmingly angry with the affliction rather than the afflicted. Why does it seem most people don't understand that?! You are absolutely doing all that you can.

Prayers continue for Carol and for you. Have a blessed Christmas, Jean.


Jean said...

Overwhelmed is another word that fits.
Bonnie, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Doom said...

I definitely understand, Jean. Living so close to such... It's like being at sea in a little boat. You ride through each storm and just hope. We are so very fragile, of body and emotion and mind. I've surrendered as much as I can to hope, faith, and charity. But I have to keep enough for steerage, when I can. I'll just keep you all in my prayers.

Merry Christmas kids. :)

Jean said...

Thank you, Doom.
Merry Christmas.