Sunday, November 01, 2015

October was a very long month...

Carol is in the hospital again.

She's been in pain for about two months. Not her back.
Her left side, around the mastectomy scar. It became
progressively worse, to the point that she could not lay
down to sleep because it felt like she couldn't breathe.
Pain meds gave relief but didn't fix anything.

We've mentioned this to her oncologist several times.
Response was always that after such major surgery it
isn't surprising that there would be some pain around the scar.
Her surgery was more than two years ago. Not last week.
And the pain was getting worse... not better.

The pain has brought her to tears almost every day for the 
past few weeks. 

I had to get louder with the medical professionals.
Finally, they ordered a CT scan. The results from that
raised red flags. On Friday they ordered an MRI.
Those results got her admitted to the hospital.
They say what they saw isn't cancer but an infection
in her spine.  

Friday night they did a bone (spine) biopsy. They need to 
determine what type of infection it is before they will 
administer antibiotics. So far, they have no idea what 
caused the infection but it appears that the infection has
eaten away at a couple of vertebrae.

They won't have the biopsy results until Monday because,
you know, hospitals work with skeleton crews on weekends.
So in the meantime she is loopy on pain meds but is
getting nothing that might actually get rid of the infection.

Because they ignored her and didn't look closer sooner,
the situation could be much more serious than it might
have been two months ago.
They're bringing in an infectious disease specialist but also
a bone specialist who will evaluate the damage to the
affected vertebrae and determine if surgery will be needed.

I feel so bad for her. She's been scared to death that all this
was more cancer. I just hope they are telling her the truth.

I really, really want to punch someone. Hard. Many times.




the walking man said...

After 17 surgeries and getting nothing but ego fro doctors for the first 10 of them I finally took control. I have fired at them at will, they more than any kind of punk can piss me off faster then just about anyway.

I am sorry for your sister because 5 of my most recent surgeries were on my spine, there is hope though they can do some pretty amazing repairs to it, just do not let an orthopedic doc do it, insist on a well experienced neurosurgeon if it comes to that.

And now you know Jean--Fire them until one listens or get mad as hell right from the start.

God damn awful mess some damned doctor who has absolutely no empathy caused. they know there is no or should be no pain or phantom pain after 2 years post op. I just am absolutely certain her doctor is a male--i don't trust men doctors and always opt for a female, they usually listen at least 80% of the time.

Jean said...

Mark, her oncologist is a female. She's dancing a fancy jig now to get things straightened out. I'm spending about six hours a day with Carol at the hospital just because I have little trust left.

Doom said...

Punch, hard, many times? Aye.

Still, that would just mean they would continue doing whatever, but without you being allowed to intervene. I don't trust them, I simply use them. They need to remember they are employees, not bosses. My mother realized recently that, at her age, they really don't care. Well, that and anti-depressants won't help any real medical condition they don't want to otherwise treat.

Y'all are in my prayers often enough. I'll make it more often, daily when I can remember to pray. At least she has you on her side.

Jean said...

Doom, we were hoping she'd come home today but her pain got worse so they're trying other meds before they let her go.
Way too much trial and error.
Thanks for the prayers.

Anonymous said...

Carol remains in my prayers for renewed health, and you for patience. It's so difficult to accept pompous physicians who assume they know what they are doing. Do you have a patient's advocate available to discuss Carol's care?

I received a little booklet Comfort For Those With Cancer in today's mail. I read the following, and said an extra prayer for Carol.

Cancer is limited ...
It cannot cripple Love,
It cannot cripple Hope,
It cannot destroy Peace,
It cannot erase Memories,
It cannot silence Courage,
It cannot invade the Soul,
It cannot quench The Spirit.


Jean said...

Bonnie, they continue to insist that this situation is from the infection in her spine and not her cancer.
We were hoping she'd come home this weekend but her pain got worse, her legs are swollen, hemoglobin they're giving her blood and keeping her at least through Tuesday. She is very disappointed, as are all of us.
Thank you, too, for your prayers.

CGHill said...

Too early to give up hope just yet. Still, the medical profession has not exactly distinguished itself in this case.