Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September oneth...

the grass is
not because summer ends
but because it
won't easily let go
and thus 
sucks the green
from every blade.


Doom said...

Really? Not a snark question, just wondering out loud.

Tell you what, until I can find a doctor who will offer insulin, so I can go back up to level (and I was needing to raise levels too, anyway)... I'm sucking green, every bit I can find. Brutal.

Anonymous said...

Giiiirl it's been so HOT the past week 'round here.

Think even I'M ready for some fall.

(Best be takin' good care of yourself too, btw!)


Jean said...

Doom, if you're diabetic why wouldn't a doctor offer insulin? Are they suggesting other meds?

Freddie, it's been too hot too long. I am sooooo ready for fall.
Seeing you here made my day!

Doom said...


No, because I won't go in and see them there. I don't trust V.A.s. The hospital facilities themselves, at this point. They don't cut off my heart medicine, or haven't yet. So... not sure what that is about.