Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's easy to forget...

I've been whining a lot lately.

I still don't have insurance because Medicaid has been dragging
its' ass since May. That means I've had to pay 100% out of pocket
for all my diabetes meds and supplies. I can't afford to do that
much longer. Medicaid doesn't care.
Plus, I owe about $40,000 in hospital and doctor bills.
Medicaid doesn't care about that, either. 

 Oh, and... the quack I was assigned to in the hospital is a moron.

The second reason I wish Medicaid would hurry the fuck up is
so I can find a new doctor with at least half a functioning brain.

Then, the other day, I got slapped upside the head, figuratively
speaking; A friend I've known for nearly 40 years was recently
diagnosed with brain, lung and bone cancer. Stage 4. 
Someone emailed a photo of him. I would not have
recognized him if I hadn't been told who it was. 
He looks like a Nazi death camp survivor. Skin over skeleton.

It breaks my heart. And it makes me ashamed of myself.

Life is short and time is so easily wasted.


Doom said...

I don't trust V.A. hospitals anymore. The medical was okay, so long as you learned to tell doctors to blow. Dental and vision were first rate. Some of the other was at least okay, here anyway. But when they try to send me to locals, I just don't go. Eye to regular, what they "afford" is terrible. I know exactly what you are talking about. As such I am just having my diabetes tracked on my dime (for a number of reasons).

I hate to say it, but any doc that will still accept that... They have figured out how to make money, but the doctors... I would honestly go to a vet first, if it was legal. Since I can't trust the V.A. (as I see things, for several reasons), and I trust those docs less, I am running out of options. Honestly? I think that's the point. Wish I could help.

I am hoping to work up to as much health as possible, then get out before I can't. Not an option for everyone. It will be tough. At least I have a side income, so won't depend completely off some sort of furrier or guide income, or even just off hunting and fishing. I wish I could help a lot of people. I'll be lucky to survive myself, and don't see good options otherwise.

Jean said...

Got the letter from Medicaid on Wednesday.....picked a med plan and should have ID card in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I can now refer hospital and doctors to medicaid so they can get paid.
I'm hoping I'll be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses but have been told there is no guarantee and whatever they might pay back will take at least 90 days to process.