Monday, January 05, 2015

Should I say "OOPS"?...

I skipped right over the beginning of the New Year.

We spent December 30 celebrating sister Ann's birthday.
Dinner, movie, shopping at Books A'Million. Much fun.

The next four days are mostly lost to me. I have foggy
memories of NyQuil, sticking tissues up my nostrils to
staunch the snotty flow while I slept, sneezing that made 
my head explode, coughing that splattered my lungs on 
the walls, more NyQuil, layers of flannel, chicken noodle
soup, really crazy dreams in bright, shiny color... and more
NyQuil. It was hell.

Today I'm feeling better. Almost human. Except it's
snowing, windy, temps are dropping into the teens,
and my Jeep won't hold a charge so I need to get it to
my favorite mechanic's shop soon.
Such is the life of a grown-up. Bah-humbug.

Happy New Year, anyway. Belated though it might be.


the walking man said...

Well i sort of skipped the first 4 days of the year as well, but it sounds like i had more fun doing it than you did jean.

Doom said...

Wow, okay. No oops or apology needed. I had a head cold myself, but nothing half so fun as you. Does NyQuil actually work? I ought to try that otc medicine stuff someday. I dunno though.

Glad you are feeling better. And happy New Year. I hope it's a good one, or at least that you can handle what comes.

Jean said...

Mark, my vacancy was definitely involuntary.

Doom, NyQuil is something I keep around all the time. Good stuff.
The night-time version will make you sleep.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl. Sorry you had the bug. They say it's BAD this year. We've already had 3 weeks of ick since Thanksgiving. And I'm hoping that was our share for the year.

And now it's January.

Ffff'ing. January.

...And you know how I feel about THAT.

Ah screw it. Gonna try and have a great new year anyway. Hope you do too.

Heck, only 4 more months of winter right?


Jean said...

Fred, this was one of the worst colds in a long time. However,very glad it wasn't the flu.
Today was one of the coldest days I ever remember and I had to go outside four times to deal with the accumulating snow.

In spite of all that, the new year is really pretty good so far.
I hope yours continues on the plus side.

Good to see ya still hanging around here.