Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's going to be a long summer...

Yesterday was a very bad day for my other sister, Ann.
She fell and severely broke her left leg. Maybe needing surgery.
She also sprained her right ankle and broke a small bone
in her right foot. They put a boot on the right foot and a heavy
cast on the left leg in the ER and referred her to an orthopedic 

We got a walker for her but still had to call 911 and ask them to
carry her into the house. (STEPS. I hate steps.)
Now she's trying to find a medical transport service to take her
to her appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week.
So far, she hasn't found a service that transports from residences,
only dealing with hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

We've asked her HR Department for help in the search.
We might have to get a wheel chair because a couple of the 
transport services said they can take her but do not provide 
the wheel chair.
Didn't realize how much of a blessing it is to be ambulatory.

Carol is feeling well, but...her platelets got up to 89,000 about
two weeks ago but when they checked before her chemo on 
Tuesday, they had fallen to 56,000... lowest so far.
She also has cellulitis in her left arm. Same area that had a 
port and got infected about a year (?) ago. Antibiotics for 
that seems to be clearing it up nicely. They said the infection...
or the antibiotics... might be the cause of the fall in her platelet 
count. Not sure, of course.
Still, they ok'd her for the chemo, so that is still on track.

Carol has actually been a big help with Ann.
I think she would've made a better nurse than I thought I would
be, oh so many years ago.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it'll work in your area, but I needed transportation to a doctor appointment. Problems with my right knee prohibited my driving. I contacted my state representative's office. His secretary gave me the name and phone number of an agency is my area/county that will provide transportation for medical appointments, shopping, etc. No charge but a fee is recommended -- uh-uhm. Perhaps this gives you an idea of how to find help.

Hope everyone gets well soon.


Jean said...

Thanks, Bonnie.
I told her to call the dr's office and ask if they could recommend a service. Someone there called another patient and asked who they use. Ann called them...they will provide the wheel chair and pick her up and bring her back from the appointment. $124.00 round-trip.
I'm just glad that's solved.

foam said...

You can rent wheelchairs from medical supply centers. Insurance should pay for it. But the doctor has to prescribe it. That's a tough break!

Do take care of yourself too!

Jean said...

Hey, Foamie! She got great news... no surgery needed plus, they removed the cast and gave her a boot for the broken leg. She's able to use the walker and they say she can return to work in two weeks.