Monday, February 04, 2013

It's never going to stop, is it?...

Snow still falling.
No end in sight.

I lucked out the other day because one of
the neighbors cleared the driveway with his
snow blower. All I had to do was the sidewalk
and front stoop and steps, then toss about
35 lbs of rock salt on everything.
But it's been non-stop again today so I bought
more salt to fling before the snow builds up again.

(That isn't my sister's yard. Her house is on a mini
hill that adds to the treacherousness.)

It will be another week or more before she gets
her radiation schedule. They took measurements
to make blocks/molds to hold her in place during
treatments. Much thumb twiddling until those are done.

Maybe I'll make a big batch of cookies for the neighbor
with the snow plow.




Doom said...

I knew about that which you were writing before I finished the title. Arghh! (and yet I had to grin, too) I hope you are finding some pleasure with winter? If nothing else, it will allow you to appreciate the other seasons much more, if not quite yet. I can't even keep up on the snow, myself. If it weren't for neighbors helping from time to time, even with my own snow blower. And, by the way? Cookies work as excellent bribery tools! Men are weak to such things.

What would you be doing, differently, in Florida? I'm sort of curious about the differences. Well, enjoy the twiddling. I think that is part of the blessing of thumbs, as with navels for navel gazing, at times. :p

Prayers continue for you ladies and your ongoing saga.

Jean said...

Honestly, Doom, the snowfall is beautiful when it is the big, soft flakes and no wind is blowing. I don't like driving in it.
If I were in Florida? I'd be visiting the library and the beach, taking pics. Later in the month, I'd be avoiding the tourist traffic that shows up for the Daytona 500.

the walking man said...

Yes it will stop...July is coming trust me. And for the snow plow guy...PIE always PIE! He'll be your snow plow slave.

Jean said...

Pie? hmmm...I can do that.

og said...

if you know he's not an abstainer or a recovering alcoholic, you might try buttered rum balls.

Just prep, no baking required, and if you tell him there's a batch waiting each time he does the driveway you'll be good all winter. Cheap, really, compared to a service.

When spring comes you are gonna be amazed.

boneman said...

sorry to hear about your snow problems. I would gladly move into the basement and you can let me out to shovel you out whenever you want.

Jean said...

Looks like we're getting a break for a few days. Sunshine and temps over 32. woohoo!

boneman said...

I can make you feel better than "woo-hoo" sweetie...
How many buckets of water have you hauled this season so far?
need more better? OK...
Think about how hot you were in the Summers in Daytona. I realize you probably won't come up with poetry like Titillate up this far...
But I still dream of ya.

...and the drop of sweat.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Guys that plow neighbor drives like baked goods.
I used to get those.
Now I get liked on Facebook.

Lacey said...

If the squirrels in my yard are any indication, it won't be TOO much longer now!

Sunshine, springtime -- sunshine, sprintime . . .