Saturday, January 01, 2011


after all the clean-up from the holidays, I mean.

Are you a resolution-er-ist?
Do you make 'em and break 'em before the ink is dry
or do you conscientiously tape your list to a mirror
or the fridge and check off the items all year long?

If you do the latter, I will admire you from afar and
look closely for your halo and wings.
I do well to remember to check off each day on the
new calendar I won't remember to put up 'til next week...
if I remembered to buy one.
They're much cheaper after the first of the year, anyway.

So, tell me, please: Resolutions, yes or no?

(post title translation= what'll we do now?)


foam said...

i resolve not to eat mediocre chocolate, cookies and cake ....

boneman said...

it was resolutions...
I know.

Well, I can check off "Less puns" 'cause it's not likely gonna go that way.
It'll go standing up, writing its name in the snow.
(and, there goes the reverses resolution, shot on the first day of the year, specifically)(that's satlantically for those of you on the East Coast)

Troll thinks I should give up giving up. Sort'a.
I look at the record, and it's about every ten years that I give up something.
Still...I have picked up and left behind some real boneheaded crap.
Heroin. Holy feathers, what was I thinking then?

Diet pop. HA!


oh, shit I wish I hadn't said that.

maybe candy.
lemmee think on it

boneman said...

oh yeah, and for crying out loud...for a guy who was changing his avatar everyday for a while sure has gotten the most out'a that melon face.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Dear me, no!

If I don't measure, I can't care. That leaves me more room for caring about important things!

Bou said...

I don't typically. This year, I did set goals though... things I really would like to stick to. But not so much resolutions... does that make sense? I could have just as well set these goals on 22 Feb, but why not now, in particular since I've already started working towards them!

Happy New Year!

Boxer said...

bwahahahah to Foam!!

I don't make them.Oh maybe I do. But I usually make a list of things I want to change/do in early December. Then I do it all over again today.

Happy New Year!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I do my resolutions on April 1st.

the walking man said...

I resolve to-

Well that's as far as I got so far.

Jean said...

ha! Ya'll are paragons of self-discipline. I am weak.

Andrea said...

I've decided on a really EASY resolution! Eat more pancakes!!!

They're good. Why not?

Jean said...

Ha! I can go along with that one, Andrea.

Doom said...

Yes and no. I don't necessarily make them at the turn of the calendar. Some things have worked, some things not so much. My newest is to swear off soda, but that may be backfiring, so I will retreat and regroup on that one. I did quit straight Cola at one time. But the need for caffeine (did he say need? why, yes he did) is just too strong.

Oh, Happy New Year! (the nice thing about wishing that is, you can almost never be too late?) It looks like your new year is looking much better than last.

Michael Morse said...

I made a resolution to give the blog a break then made one of my better posts (if I do say so myself) less than 24 hours after deciding to give it a break. Oh well, when inspiration strikes no sense letting it go to waste!

Happy New Year Jean!

kdzu said...

Oh hell no! I'd just forget them by the 3rd anyway.
Better to just let the day come, make the most of it, or not, then move on.
A friend gave me a 2011 pocket planner......I carried it 30 minutes wrote in it once, haven't seen it since. I think I know where it is but don't have any real strong urge to go look.
Happy, happy New Year. Tomorrow is the start of the 43rd year of marriage to the 1st wife. Maybe I should get her a card or something. Remind her that I'm still around. Ya think?

Susie Hemingway said...

Putting one foot in front of the other is a resolution at the moment! I seem to have lists of 'to do's' all over my desk but find myself just wishing to hibernate the days away. The weather is awful and I long for some sun. I MUST be resolute about going to find some! Sincere good wishes to you Jean. x

Michael Morse said...

Susie, you can find some sun at SunKisst Tans, conveniently located in Warwick RI, and run quite fabulously by one Mrs. Morse!

Free tan for you for making the trip!

Anonymous said...

As every new year passes
Some make a worthless pact
They promise things for others
Who judge and who do not act

They say for all the others
"I will try to improve"
Yet as God is your maker
Of whom do you behoove?

You are the one who knows
Your thoughts precious and true
Others ask for resolutions
What have others done for you?

I walk in this life alone
I've always wished it so
The less people I answer to
The less people I have to know

Jean said...

Anon... well, those are definitely words to make one think about a lot of things.
Care to identify yourself in some way?